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Transform Your Property ​into a Nourishing Oasis

Imagine stepping into a lush, self-​sustaining food forest right in your own ​backyard. A place where you can ​harvest fresh, organic produce, ​medicinal herbs, and beautiful flowers​—all while nurturing the environment. ​This dream can be your reality with our ​step-by-step workbook.

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Hello! I'm Erin

I started Goldifarms in my backyard in ​January 2020 as part of my journey to ​heal myself and restore the land. I use ​permaculture design methods to create ​regenerative abundance here on the ​Central Coast of California in zone 9a.


Bueno! Soy Gilberto

I've been designing and tending ​Permaculture gardens for over ten ​years. I'm Goldifarms' Chief Plant ​Whisperer. I'm also a whittler of spoons, ​a whistler while I work, and a singer ​when the muse visits.


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Goldifarms is now offering our famous ​GoldiGlow Face Cream, GoldiMagic ​Muscle Rub, Golden Vitality Herbal ​Infusion and more!

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